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Physical learning Opportunities FOR all!

Kits Academy provides all children with physical learning opportunities and encourages active lifestyles. We offer a comprehensive range of flexible activities and programmes, to cater for a wide variety of needs and are suitable for all manner of provisions.


Physical learning Opportunities to All!

Kits Academy provides children with Physical Learning opportunities and encourage active lifestyles. We offer a comprehensive range of activities and Programmes to cater for a wide variety of children which are flexible around all manner of provisions.

Kits Academy offers

Kits Academy provides over a decade's worth of knowledge, experience and professionalism. Our exceptional reputation demonstrates the high quality of service and customer care we provide to all educational stakeholders.


We deliver tailored and personalised programmes that are specifically designed to meet the needs of each and every school we work with.

High quality physical educational services facilitate all aspects of the curriculum, including over 50 individual programmes, to chose from.

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Children have the opportunity to explore the world of sport and performing arts, through our specially tailored EYFS programmes, from Little Laces to Little Dramatics.

Our comprehensive programmes focus on encouraging children from a young age to be openly active, inspiring children to develop a greater        sense of wellbeing, that encourages them to live a healthier life.

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If you’re a social enterprise, charity, local authority or a community group, and you’re interested in developing, or improving your physical activity provision, we’d love to hear from you.

As a community Interest company, Kits Academy strives to support local organisations, as much as possible, through the services we deliver.

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SCHOOL holidays

Kits Academy are delivering some exciting activities at venues within Droitwich Spa, Leicester, Rugby & Warwick.

We hope your child can attend and we look forward to meeting them!

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Our top 3 Engaging Programmes for this month are:

Kits Academy School Holiday Sports Programmes

Table Tennis

Children learn forehand drive, topspin, smash and many more technical skills in our fun and innovative programme. Table tennis appeals to a broad range of children and is easy to learn as an individual or as part of a team.

Kits Academy Sports Programmes


Learning how to prepare healthy meals is an important core life skill. Through acquiring this invaluable skill, children can gain an understanding of the importance of a healthy and       balanced diet.

Kits Academy Community Activity Programmes


A fantastic all round trampolining programme with hours of enjoyment. Children develop through the basic fundamental actions and progress onto more complex shapes and landings.

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