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Kits Academy offer FIVE fantastic programmes for children in early years education. Our sport and performing arts programmes offer children a positive introduction to physical exercise to suit all needs. Each programme has been developed in line with the current requirements for the curriculum and early years frame work.

Parents are also encouraged to spend quality time with their children to keep active.

The fantastic four are

Little Laces 
Little Tags 
Little Tennis 
Little Dramatics
Mini Movers


All costs for Kits Academy programmes are kept to a minimum to aid financial funding. The flat rate charge of £1 per child is a minimum cost which can be relayed for parent funding. Low costs help provide continual lessons and aid child development.


Nurseries and schools tend to incorporate Little Laces into P.E. time to give children interaction with coaching figures and to provide the service to all. Little Laces can also be run in early starts, lunch times or as an after school to fit around any further nursery and school demands.

Nursery / SCHOOL brochure

We have an extensive brochure for Nurseries and Schools, which is available to download.

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